Interview on Education and Transportation in Early Doha

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April 28, 2019
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April 19, 2018

Interview on Education and Transportation in Early Doha

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This interview was conducted by Ahmed Abdulla with Eisa Hussian Ibrahim about his early education and transportation aspects in Doha. In this conversation we get to hear about the old system of schools, the dynamic between teachers, and about the driving schools in Doha.

Interviewer: Ahmed Abdulla
Interviewee: Eisa Hussian Ibrahim

Interviewee: My name is Eisa Hussian Ibrahim, I used to live in Al- Jassara (modern day Souq Waqif).

how was the education back then, and what is the school you went to?
In the past, there was no kindergarten, you go straight to primary school. In my primary school, I went to Khalid Bin Waleed School then to Al Doha primary school, after that to Al Doha high school and finally to Qatar University.

How strict were your teachers?
Teachers back then had their charisma and respect among the students. If we saw the teacher outside the school, we used to get scared and try to avoid him. Teachers used to be very strict and the students used to respect them.

What were your favorite memories in school?
Back then, they used to serve breakfast in school, so we used to wait in the queue to get the food. We gather and sit together in class and eat different kind of fruits like apples and oranges, also eggs and Ruhsh( an Arabic sweet). Also, we used to get happy when they gave us winter clothes which contains Thob (A Qatari traditional dress for men), and shoes. These used to be my favorite moments in school.

How did you get your driving license?
Back then, there was no driving school. Everyone used to teach his friend how to drive. I used to go to an empty place which is now Khalifa Stadium to train on the S and L techniques. To train for them we used to put rocks or wheels for the S, and for the L there was a cliff where we practiced. Then I went to do the driving test and passed from the first time.

What was your first car and how did you get it?
I got my first car after graduating from university. I bought the car by collecting from my job salary. It was a gold Mercedes 250, I was the first in the neighbourhood to own this car. All my friends were talking about me getting a Mercedes.

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